Microsoft Power BI

  1. Microsoft Partner - consultants, data architects and business analysts

  2. End-to-end Power BI implementations

  3. Power BI demonstrations, proof-of-concepts, consultation and training


Insights into your data with the industry-leading, cloud-based business analytics tool

No matter which industry you’re in, the ability to articulate and present your data, empower decision-makers and users with the right information to the right people at the right time, is critical. Microsoft Power BI is the industry-leading business analytics platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables you to gain powerful insights from your data. 

Inhouse brings a team of business analysts and data architects with 20+ years of business intelligence (BI) experience. As a Microsoft Data Analytics Partner we have proven core competencies in the Microsoft Analytics tools. 

We provide Power BI consultations, proof-of-concepts, architecture, dashboard design and implementation services to help businesses realise this potential to the fullest.

Data visualisations: Story boards

Use Power BI to create intuitive, easy-to-navigate reports on your data that turn data into insights for decision-makers. Build interactive reports with real-time data integration and drill-down capabilities to bring your data to life.

Cloud-based BI: any time, any device access to your analytics reports

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service. We can build Power BI reports that are mobile responsive and accessible for your team at any time, on any device.

Real-time collaboration: work together to get the best results

Use the Microsoft Power BI mobile app to share analytics reports with coworkers, get feedback on data visualisations, annotate on-the-go and more.

Mobile access to your analytics and reports

We can build Power BI reports that are mobile responsive and accessible for your team anywhere. Access your information whenever you need.

Power BI data integration: connect data from various sources

Bring together different sources of data into one or multiple reports from Excel, SharePoint, ERPs like Oracle/SAP, various CRMs like Dynamics and Salesforce, and legacy applications. Regardless of the state or location of your data, Inhouse can help you amalgamate and analyse it using Power BI.

Power BI embedded: analytics at your finger tips

Decision-makers require analytics reports that are easily accessible and on the platforms they regularly use. We can integrate and embed your Power BI dashboards into the platforms and applications of your choice – providing seamless integration between your data and decision-makers.

Power BI training

We provide Power BI training, with customised one-on-one training for you or your teams. We have our own training facilities or can train on site.

Please get in touch to discuss how our team can help you achieve results that matter.